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    Telescopic Handler Tires

Telescopic Handler Tires

Telescopic handlers, versatile machines adept at transferring heavy loads, rely on high-performance tires due to their diverse capabilities. Magna Tyres has crafted tires specifically for telescopic handlers engaged in port picking and stacking operations.

Usage of Telescopic Handlers

Telescopic handlers, or telehandlers for short, thrive even in the most challenging terrains. These machines are a staple in rough environments such as construction sites and are also pivotal in port and terminal operations. Offering an extended reach of up to 20 meters, telehandlers surpass the capabilities of traditional forklifts, accessing heights and distances beyond the ordinary.

With a telescopic boom, telehandlers adeptly lift and maneuver heavy loads to locations unreachable by other lifting equipment. Their multifunctionality allows them to transition between roles such as lift truck, tractor, earth mover, or crane, making them invaluable across various terrains. This versatility underscores the importance of equipping telehandlers with the right tires.

Choosing the Right Telehandler Tires

The primary function of these machines is to transport heavy loads efficiently, necessitating tires that provide exceptional stability and performance. Magna Tyres’ range is engineered to fulfill these needs, featuring a robust carcass structure that can handle significant weight. Our telehandler tire selection caters to needs across solid surfaces, construction sites, and port & terminal environments.

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