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    Truck Tires

    Designed to endure heavy loads and provide outstanding traction for highway use.

Truck Tires

Trucks, varying in size and design, primarily serve the purpose of hauling freight. Often bearing substantial loads, these vehicles require tires that are specifically designed to support the heavy weight and provide superior traction for highway travel. Magna Tyres has developed a line of truck tires engineered to endure these conditions and ensure optimal performance on highways.

Truck Varieties

Trucks fall under the Truck and Bus Radial (TBR) tire category, characterized by their radial construction. This design is ideal for trucks and buses as it offers enhanced stability, extended tread life, and better handling compared to traditional bias/diagonal tires. Engineered for carrying heavy loads at high speeds over long distances, radial tires are well-suited to the demands of trucking.

Our tire selection caters to the diversity within the trucking industry, offering solutions for the most common types of commercial trucks. The term “commercial trucks” encompasses any truck utilized for business purposes, highlighting the breadth of our tire range.

Truck Tire Categories

The differentiation between drive axle tires, steer axle tires, and trailer tires is crucial in selecting the appropriate tires for your vehicle. Our truck tire inventory includes options for various positions and sizes, featuring high tread depth for extended mileage, uniform wear, reliable traction, self-cleaning capabilities, and resistance to stone trapping. Essentially, our tires are designed for a wide range of trucking applications, including off-road use.

Moreover, we distinguish between regional tires, optimized for medium-distance operations on highways and secondary roads, and long-haul tires, tailored for longer distances at highway speeds.

Discover the ideal tire solution for your truck within our extensive range, designed to meet the specific needs of the trucking industry.