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    Truck Tires

    Magna Tyres especially engineered these tires to withstand heavy loads and offer excellent traction on highway operations.

Truck Tires

Trucks come in different types and shapes, but are mainly used for freight transportation. They are often heavily loaded because of the freight they need to move. Magna Tyres especially engineered truck tires to withstand these heavy loads and offer excellent traction on highway operations.

Types of Trucks

Trucks are part of the Truck and Bus Radial (TBR) tire construction type. TBR tires have a radial construction, making them the perfect fit for trucks and buses. Why? Because the radial tires for these applications are provided with better stability, longer tread life and improved handling compared to bias/diagonal tires. They are designed for handling heavy loads, high speeds and long distances, which summarizes the use of trucks.

There are different kinds of trucks, which are all unique. For the most popular truck types, we have created a tire range. This range consists of tires for commercial trucks. Our tire range is very broad, as commercial trucks is a collective term for any truck that is used for commercial purposes.

Types of Truck Tires

With trucks, there is a big difference between drive axle tires, steer axle tires or trailer tires and it is important to choose the right tires for your vehicle. Within our truck tire range, we included tires for several positions in various sizes. The high tread depth of our tires result in high mileage, regular wear, reliable grip, self-cleaning and resistance to stone retention. In conclusion, our tire range consists of tires for all truck applications because most of our truck tires can also be used in off-road applications.

Within tires for trucks, there is also a difference between regional tires and long haul tires. Regional tires are optimized for medium haul operating conditions, generally on highway and secondary routes. While long haul tires are optimized for longer distances, generally highways and highway speed operating conditions.

You will find the best tire solution for your trucks in our tire range.

Introducing Magna TPMS!

Magna Tyres proudly announces Magna TPMS, a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System that provides real-time insight into tyre performance on your fleet, no matter where you are in the world. Read more on the Magna TPMS page.