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    Grader Tires

Grader Tires

Graders frequently navigate extremely rocky terrains, necessitating tires that can endure sharp and abrasive conditions. Magna Tyres has specifically designed grader tires featuring a special tread compound for enhanced wear and cut resistance. Given the blade’s placement, graders work in harsh conditions, yet this design helps ensure the tires, especially those under the motor grader traveling on unpaved paths, sustain less damage.

What are Graders Used for?

Graders, known as motor graders or road graders in the industry, are robust machines equipped with a long blade for creating even and level surfaces. Primarily seen on construction and mining sites, graders are tasked with leveling the ground, grading land, breaking up layers, and compacting roads to ensure a gentle slope and smooth foundation. They are also pivotal in earthmoving operations for soil excavation or material distribution.

Tires Featuring a Special Tread Compound

Our grader tires are built to excel across various challenging terrains. To counter tough surfaces, these tires include a thick under-tread for superior puncture resistance. Furthermore, the special tread compound enhances wear and cut resistance, boosting both productivity and operational efficiency. The tread design incorporates self-cleaning elements to prevent mud accumulation. Designed for use in surface mines, quarries, underground mining, and construction, our tires provide excellent lateral grip even on challenging soils. We’ve also enhanced the sidewall design to offer utmost protection against damage or wear over time.

With Magna Tyres, you’re assured of tires with additional reinforcement and durability. Interested in learning more? Please reach out to us for further details.