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    Semi-Trailer Truck Tires

Semi-Trailer Truck Tires

Semi-trailer trucks are vital to the transportation and logistics sector, facilitating long haul movements worldwide. Magna Tyres has developed tires for semi-trailer trucks engineered to endure the burdens of heavy loads, vast distances, and rigorous conditions encountered by these vehicles.

Understanding Semi-Trailer Trucks

Semi-trailer trucks, key players in the heavy-duty commercial vehicle category, are primarily utilized for freight transportation over considerable distances. They are adaptable to various cargo types, including dry and refrigerated goods, hazardous materials, and more, making them indispensable for long-haul transport across cities, states, and countries.

Characterized by their articulated structure, semi-trailer trucks comprise two main elements: the cab (or tractor) and the semi-trailer, which is the cargo-carrying component. This configuration, offering enhanced maneuverability, allows these trucks to navigate more efficiently than their rigid counterparts. The truck’s payload capacity is influenced by its size, legal weight limits, and designated cargo type.

Tires for these Versatile Trucks

Our semi-trailer truck tires are built to support the combined weight of the truck, trailer, and cargo, ensuring optimal traction and stability on highways and diverse road conditions. We feature various tread patterns tailored to specific axle needs: drive, steer, and trailer.

Designed for efficiency, our semi-truck tires boast low rolling resistance, contributing to improved fuel economy by reducing the energy needed for movement and offering substantial fuel savings. Moreover, our tires are constructed for durability, including reinforced sidewalls to mitigate punctures and damage.

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