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    Articulated Dump Truck Tires

Articulated Dump Truck Tires

For articulated dump trucks (ADTs), also known as rock trucks, Magna Tyres has engineered a tire lineup specifically for the demanding environments these vehicles face. These trucks are built to haul substantial loads across challenging terrains like rocky and muddy grounds. The tires for articulated dump trucks, or rock truck tires, must excel in performance, safety, and durability across every scenario. These tires need to offer not only traction and flotation but also protection, heavy load support, speed, fuel efficiency, and comfort for the operator.

What are Articulated Dump Trucks?

An ADT features a two-part body: a tractor unit housing the cab and a trailer unit with the dump body. To maneuver, the cab section can pivot, sometimes up to 90 degrees, independently of the trailer, which remains aligned. ADTs are primarily used in tough environments like construction sites, underground mining, surface mining and quarries, , to haul, carry, and dump materials such as rocks, soil, and debris over uneven terrain.

Choosing the Right ADT Tires

Our articulated dump trucks tires come with a self-cleaning, robust deep tread design, enhancing durability and preventing debris accumulation within the tread through numerous maneuvers. To maximize operator comfort, we’ve infused our ADT tires with a unique compound that ensures a smooth ride and unmatched traction across various landscapes.

We provide ADT tires in E3 to E4 tread depths and designs across a range of sizes.

Contact us to discover the ideal tire solution tailored to your needs.