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  • Family-owned company.
  • We deliver what you ask. Always.
  • Active in 130+ countries.
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    Our Story

Always Available.

Our finest tire solutions keep companies on the moving. Always. Regardless of where you are, our customers can depend on our unparalleled service and expertise in off-the-road tires daily. We seize every chance to keep you operational and get your tasks accomplished.

We challenge ourselves daily to excel. This mindset keeps us sharp, anticipating the next hurdle. You can trust us to consistently deliver our best.

Magna Tyres’ objective is to solidify our status as the top second-tier off-the-road tire supplier globally. We’re expanding our local footprint and forging valuable partnerships worldwide, understanding precisely what delights our customers and partners.

Always Helpful.

Magna Tyres’ rapid expansion stems from Michael de Ruijter’s (CEO) approach of swift decision-making and adaptable manufacturing to meet customer needs, characterizing Magna Tyres’ distinctive way of doing things.

We understand our customers and connect with them, focusing on their requirements. With regional offices close to end-users, feedback is integral to our operations. From our main warehouse in the Netherlands to our 17 global sales offices, our goal is to maintain direct communication lines and promptly assist our customers. Our 500+ global employees ensure that we stand by our customers, delivering the quality products the market demands.

Thanks to our extensive local inventory worldwide, we can swiftly meet customer requirements, anytime, anywhere.

Magna Tyres?

Because we deliver precisely what you request. Always. Listening to our customers allows us to fulfill your exact needs promptly, a key to our success. We’re continuously expanding our product range to meet our customers’ diverse industry needs. Can’t find the tire you’re looking for? Don’t worry. We always have a solution. Keeping you on the move is our mission.

Always Ready.

We present ourselves as the “premium second-tier” tire brand, offering product quality on par with Tier 1 brands. Though it might seem too good to be true, almost all Magna Tyres users have become loyal customers. Experience it for yourself. Magna Tyres is the world’s fastest-growing OTR tire company, with a solid track record of global success.

Always Flexible.

Founded to cater to the growing OTR tire demand that balances cost-per-hour without compromising quality, Magna Tyres offers precisely that. In a short period, we’ve become one of the leading suppliers of second-tier OTR tires globally and continue to grow each year.


Swift decision-making and rapid delivery are our strengths.


As a family-run enterprise, we prioritize not just tires, but also the individuals who purchase and utilize them.


Specializing in the production of (large) tires is not just our business; it’s our passion. We possess deep expertise and enthusiasm for what we do.

 Value for Money

Our tires match the quality of tier 1 brands at a more accessible price point.