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    We propel businesses forward with top-tier tire solutions. Always. Our global customers depend on our unmatched service and deep expertise in OTR and industrial tires, day in and day out.

Get a Grip on Your Fleet
with Magna TPMS

Magna TPMS is an advanced system that gathers data on your machinery’s use throughout its entire life. Effectively, it acts as a comprehensive system to monitor any vehicle in your fleet equipped with the technology, offering critical insights into the condition of the vehicle or the entire fleet. With our cutting-edge rechargeable power source, Magna TPMS works around the clock, providing uninterrupted monitoring even when the machinery or vehicle’s power is off. Our dedication to constant connectivity distinguishes us, offering you immediate updates on your fleet’s tire performance and machinery health.

Magna TPMS exceeds the capabilities of traditional monitoring systems. It functions as an all-encompassing platform, recording data on machinery usage over its lifetime. This allows you to not only monitor the status of individual tires but also gain important insights into the overall health of your machinery or fleet.

Always Valuable.

The values of Magna Tyres.

  • Flexible

    Swift decision-making and rapid delivery are our strengths.

  • Human

    As a family-run enterprise, we prioritize not just tires, but also the individuals who purchase and utilize them.

  • Focus

    Specializing in the production of (large) tires is not just our business; it’s our passion. We possess deep expertise and enthusiasm for what we do.

  • Value for Money

    Our tires match the quality of tier 1 brands at a more accessible price point.

Achieving togetherAlways.

Magna Tyres is recognized globally for our proactive approach and relentless dedication to offering the best tire solutions. Our ethos of keeping companies moving is backed by unmatched service and profound knowledge of off-the-road tires.

Wherever our clients are located around the globe, they can count on us for efficiency and effectiveness. We seize every chance to showcase our skill and guarantee our clients’ utmost satisfaction with our products and services.

Always Personal.

We’re committed for the long haul. Our focus is on fostering lasting partnerships rather than pursuing quick wins. Discover what partners worldwide say about their experiences with us and the enduring business relationships we build.

  • Sunrise Coal - United States

    Here at Sunrise Coal, we use Garzo Tire at all our locations. When tire supply got tight, Magna Tyres stepped up. We mine in harsh conditions. Magna Tyres has dealt with everything. Their products simply work, period.

  • Claystone Construction -

    CMC Tire and Magna Tyres give us the products and service we need to execute at the highest level for our customers.

  • Service Tire Truck Center -

    Service Tire Truck Centers found the perfect blend of performance and product selection with Magna Tyres, which is why they are a great addition to our tire portfolio.

  • Sunroc Corp -

    The combination of Magna Tyres' products and CMC Tire's service keeps our fleet in optimal operating condition.

  • Waste & Recycling Company - Portugal

    Magna Tyres challenged us to see what its tires could do and we are pleased to have given this a chance.

  • Steel Yard Company - United Arab Emirates

    The tires of Magna Tyres are the most suitable for our operational needs and working condition. We are very happy with the lifetime achieved and we choose to repurchase the Magna MB800.

  • Port Saint Louis - France

    The tires of Magna Tyres have done a magnificent job and have beaten the competitors in every way.