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    Quality & Production Process

Total Cost of Ownership

Fleet managers across the globe share a common goal: boosting productivity while slashing operating expenses.

Magna Tyres presents a qualitative tires that merges top tire performance with competitive pricing, resulting in reduced total ownership costs (TCO) and enhanced efficiency. TCO goes beyond just the upfront cost, encompassing expenses related to tire maintenance, fuel usage, downtime, and more.

Several elements influence tire longevity and overall TCO, as illustrated in figure 1.

Site conditions

1. The specific site conditions significantly impact TCO. Tire air pressure fluctuates with ambient temperatures—increasing in warmth and decreasing in cooler conditions. Additionally, direct sunlight heats black tires, raising the internal air temperature, potentially altering pressure by up to 15%.


2. Proper vehicle and tire upkeep is crucial for optimizing TCO. Maintaining correct inflation and routinely inspecting wear are essential. Vehicle defects that may affect tire lifespan should be promptly addressed.

Operator Use

3. The vehicle operator plays a key role. Aggressive driving, harsh cornering, and braking can shorten tire life. For best performance, loads should be balanced evenly.

Operational Setup

4. The longevity of a tire is also shaped by the operation’s specifics, including load, speed, work cycle design, and appropriate tire selection for the task at hand.

Product Development

Our R&D department prioritizes:

1) Continuous enhancement of our existing tire solutions,

2) Transforming customer needs into new, successful tire models.

Leveraging European technology and superior quality compounds, our team consistently delivers the innovative solutions our customers seek, propelling us to the forefront as the fastest-growing OTR tire company worldwide.

Each (1) product enhancement or (2) new release begins with an idea, evolving through R&D into a tested and design-ready offering. During the release management phase, stakeholders engaged with Magna Tyres products receive comprehensive product details, marketing insights, and training. Following product launch, we gather data through testing and user feedback, perpetuating our cycle of improvement. This ongoing effort ensures the delivery of the high-quality tires that Magna Tyres’ customers have come to expect.

Quality Management

Magna Tyres ensures our customers receive the exemplary quality they expect through a comprehensive quality policy and rigorously documented Quality Management and control processes. These measures are designed to perpetually enhance our product offerings.

We adhere to a 6-step quality management methodology:

  1. Identify specific requirements.
  2. Design and develop a tire that fulfills the identified requirements.
  3. Validate the design through product development, R&D, and executive approval, progressing towards product launch.
  4. Initiate production.
  5. Continuously monitor tire performance through on-site testing and gathering customer feedback.
  6. This improvement cycle is ongoing, reflecting our commitment to constant enhancement.

Quality Control Process

Our Quality Control process underpins our commitment to elevating our tire range:

  1. Initiatives for quality improvement can arise from sales, R&D, directors, or directly from customer feedback.
  2. A Quality “order” compiles all necessary performance evaluation data.
  3. We consult our performance database.
  4. Quick identification of non-conformances.
  5. Investigation into the correlation between non-conformance and potential improvements.
  6. Documented and communicated improvements to stakeholders following approval.
  7. Implementation of corrective actions.

Production of Tires

Since 2006, Magna Tyres has developed and produced premium OTR tires, achieving a dominant market position across mining, construction, port handling, and recycling & waste sectors. Our fusion of European technology, comprehensive quality management, and continuous R&D enhancements ensures the delivery of products that meet our clients’ stringent demands. In response to overwhelming demand, we’ve been expanding our production capabilities, including local manufacturing in the Netherlands in 2018.

Magna Tyres’ state-of-the-art facilities blend automation with skilled labor to maintain the production efficiency and quality that has established us as the world’s fastest-growing OTR company. Our production sites are tailored for high-performance OTR tire manufacturing, meeting the global market’s competitive demands and offering our customers the most cost-effective performance.

Our leading facilities in China employ top engineers and utilize advanced technology to ensure our products meet high quality standards, from material selection to rigorous testing and inspections.

Expanding Production Facilities

To meet growing demand for OTR tires in America, we’ve expanded our manufacturing capacity in Thailand. This strategic move combines our innovative European engineering with Thai manufacturing to meet the quality expectations of our American customers, offering products exempt from Chinese Anti-dump tariffs. With these advancements, we aim to significantly broaden our American market presence and attract new dealerships.


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