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    Dozer Tires

Dozer Tires

In the realms of mining and earthmoving, heavy-duty equipment like dozers play a crucial role. These robust machines are tasked with pushing, digging, excavating, and leveling various materials across different terrains. Magna Tires has specifically engineered dozer tires to enhance traction, loading capacity, and fulfill other essential performance criteria.

Dozer Types

Dozers, commonly referred to as bulldozers, are indispensable in daily operations within mining and earthmoving settings, performing activities such as pushing, digging, and leveling earth, rocks, and sand. These machines are instrumental in loading materials into dump trucks at mining sites and quarries, as well as removing debris at construction locations.

Dozers come in primarily two varieties: mini dozers and wheeled dozers, each selected based on the job requirements. Wheeled dozers, known for their size, utilize articulated hydraulic steering and a compact axis for effective operation on soft and delicate grounds. Mini dozers, or compact dozers, offer enhanced maneuverability and versatility, making them suitable for a wide range of projects, including grading and digging tasks.

Bulldozer Tires

Given that dozers operate on various surfaces and bear heavy burdens, their tires must be resistant to wear and punctures and provide utmost stability. Magna Tires’ bulldozer tires are tailored for the toughest applications, featuring a unique compound for exceptional cut and abrasion protection across all terrains. Additionally, the deep tread depth and wide, flat tread design ensure a significant loading capacity.

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