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    Dozer Tyres

Dozer Tyres

In mining and earthmoving applications, heavy-duty machines such as dozers can be found. These machines push, dig, excavate and level all kinds of materials on several types of terrain. To offer the best traction, loading capacity and to meet other requirements, Magna Tyres especially developed dozer tyres.

Types of Dozers

Dozers, also known as bulldozers, are powerful machines that are used for daily tasks in mining and earthmoving environments such as pushing, digging, excavating and levelling materials like rock, dirt and sand. You can find these heavy-duty machines loading dump trucks at mines and quarries or carrying away dirt at construction sites.

There are different types of dozers. Mostly we recognise two main dozers types: mini dozers and wheeled dozers. It is important to choose the type of dozer based on the specific job it is going to fulfil. Wheeled dozers are the big ones. Because of their articulated hydraulic steering and small axis, they are suitable on soft and sensitive ground. Mini dozers are also known as compact dozers and are ideal for projects that require more manoeuvrability and versatility. Because of its small size, they can be used in all kinds of projects for grading and digging.

Bulldozer Tyres

Since dozers can be used on almost all surfaces and carry heavy loads, dozer tyres need to be wear and puncture resistant and need to offer maximum stability. Magna Tyres especially developed bulldozer tyres for the most demanding applications. The unique compound is designed to offer excellent protection against cutting and abrasion on all terrains. In addition, the deep tread depth and the wide, flat tread radius offers a large loading capacity.

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