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    Always Available.

    We keep companies on the move with the best tyre solutions. Always. No matter where in the world, our customers can rely on our superior service and knowledge about OTR and industrial tyres, every day.

Get a Grip on Your Fleet
with Magna TPMS

Magna TPMS is a tool that collects data on the machines’ usage over its lifespan. It is effectively a platform to track any vehicle in your fleet that is fitted with the system, providing valuable information into the state of the vehicle (or complete fleet) in general. Thanks to our innovative rechargeable power source, Magna TPMS operates 24/7, ensuring continuous monitoring even when the machine or vehicle power is switched off. This commitment to constant connectivity sets us apart, providing you with real-time insights into your fleet’s tyre performance and overall machine health.

Magna TPMS goes beyond traditional monitoring systems. It serves as a comprehensive platform, collecting data on machine usage throughout its lifespan. This enables you to track not only the status of individual tyres but also valuable insights into the overall condition of your machine or complete fleet.

Always Valuable.

The values of Magna Tyres.

  • Flexible

    We have the power to make quick decisions and we deliver fast.

  • Human

    We are a family-owned company focusing on tyres, but especially on the people that order and use them.

  • Focus

    Producing (large) tyres is our core business. It’s our passion and we know all about it.

  • Value for Money

    We offer similar quality as tier 1 brands, but for a lower price.

Achieving togetherAlways.

At Magna Tyres, our hands-on mentality and tireless commitment to delivering the best tyre solutions have made us an established name in the international market. We keep companies on the move with our superior service and extensive knowledge about off-the-road tyres.

No matter where our customers are in the world, they can rely on us to get the job done efficiently and effectively. We embrace every opportunity to demonstrate our expertise and ensure our customers are always satisfied with our work.

Always Personal.

We’re in it for the long run. We rather invest in our partnerships than to go for a quick score. Have a look at what some of our partners throughout the world have to say about doing business with us.

  • Sunrise Coal - United States

    Here at Sunrise Coal, we use Garzo Tire at all our locations. When tire supply got tight, Magna Tyres stepped up. We mine in harsh conditions. Magna Tyres has dealt with everything. Their products simply work, period.

  • Claystone Construction - United States

    CMC Tire and Magna Tyres give us the products and service we need to execute at the highest level for our customers.

  • Service Tire Truck Center - United States

    Service Tire Truck Centers found the perfect blend of performance and product selection with Magna Tyres, which is why they are a great addition to our tire portfolio.

  • Sunroc Corp - United States

    The combination of Magna Tyres' products and CMC Tire's service keeps our fleet in optimal operating condition.

  • Waste & Recycling Company - Portugal

    Magna Tyres challenged us to see what its tyres could do and we are pleased to have given this a chance.

  • Steel Yard Company - United Arab Emirates

    The tyres of Magna Tyres are the most suitable for our operational needs and working condition. We are very happy with the lifetime achieved and we choose to repurchase the Magna MB800.

  • Port Saint Louis - France

    The tyres of Magna Tyres have done a magnificent job and have beaten the competitors in every way.

  • Distributor - Mozambique

    We are proud to be Magna Tyres' distributor since 2016. Our customers found the tyres are working well to their expectation without any loss of working hours and are very satisfied with the lifetime achieved. We do not hesitate to recommend their products and services to anyone who wants to opt quality.

  • Solid Rock Equipment - United States

    About 4 years ago my CMC Tire rep suggested trying Magna Tyres to replace our current brand that we were having issues with. We stopped having bead issues and have been satisfied since. Thanks!