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    Underground Mining Tires

    Constructed to navigate the harsh underground mining environment.

Underground Mining Tires

Navigating the harsh underground mining environment demands tires that can endure extreme challenges. With heavy loads, sharp rocks, and relentless use, our specialized range of tires for underground mining is designed to conquer the toughest conditions encountered in this sector. Constructed to enhance machine performance amid obstacles like tight spaces, low visibility, and severe surroundings, our tires are crafted to bear heavy loads while boosting productivity.

Machine-Specific Tires

Our extensive lineup caters to a variety of underground mining applications, from hauler trucks to loaders. Offering an array of sizes, tread designs, and load capacities, our selection is poised to improve your underground mining activities. Our tire range includes options for:

Choosing the Right Tires for Underground Mining

Magna Tires has meticulously developed tires for underground mining, addressing the extreme conditions these tires face, including falling debris, water inundation, and high temperatures during material extraction. Offering both full steel radial and bias constructions, we evaluate each machine’s environment and requirements to determine the most suitable tire type for your needs, ensuring optimal tire longevity.

Selecting the appropriate tires is crucial for enhancing efficiency in underground mining. Magna Tyres’ collection is synonymous with superior performance, lasting durability, and advanced safety. Leveraging our industry expertise, broad selection, and dedication to customer satisfaction, we aim to boost your underground mining productivity and reduce operational downtime. Discover our collection and see how we can transform your mining operations.