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    Underground Specialty Machinery Tires

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    • 14.00R25
    • 16.00R25
    • 18.00R25 **
    • 18.00R25 ***
    • 18.00R33 **
    • 18.00R33 ***
    • 21.00R33 **
    • 21.00R33 ***
    • 21.00R35
    • 24.00R35 **
    • 24.00R35 ***
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    • 5.00-8
    • 6.00-9
    • 6.50-10
    • 7.00-12
    • 8.25-15
    • 28X9-15
    • 250-15
    • 300-15
    • 10.00-20
    • 12.00-20 (20)
    • 12.00-20 (24)
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Underground Specialty Machinery Tires

Magna Tyres has engineered a line of tires tailored for the unique demands of underground mining machinery. Given the sector’s stringent requirements, this range encompasses tires for a variety of specialized equipment, including roof bolters, scoops, shuttle cars, and top hammer drills, among others. These machines work in some of the toughest conditions underground, where durability, ventilation, and safety are paramount.

Specialized Underground Mining Machinery and Their Tires

Each machine utilized in underground mining is crafted for optimal performance in tight, challenging environments:

Top Hammer Drill: Utilized for rock drilling, these machines benefit from our rugged tires designed for exceptional durability and resistance to the harsh underground terrain.
Roof Bolter: Essential for maintaining mine safety by reinforcing tunnel roofs, these machines use tires that offer stability and enhanced traction on uneven surfaces.
Scoop: Scoops, or load-haul-dump (LHD) loaders, are critical for material transport within mines. Our tires for these machines prioritize durability and grip, enabling efficient maneuvering and heavy load management.
Shuttle Car: These vehicles transport materials from mining sites to conveyor systems, requiring tires that support heavy loads while ensuring smooth movement across mine floors.

Special Underground Machine Tires

Our specialized underground mining tires are built with durability and safety at the forefront, capable of supporting substantial loads and resisting wear over time. They are specifically designed to withstand the common hazards of underground mining, such as sharp debris and rocks.

Exceptional traction is a hallmark of our tire range, ensuring that these vital machines can operate safely and effectively on slippery and uneven underground surfaces. By incorporating diverse rubber compounds in the manufacturing process, we guarantee that our tires meet the unique operational demands of underground mining environments.

For detailed information or to find the perfect tire solution for your underground mining machinery, don’t hesitate to contact us.