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    Underground Speciality Machinery Tyres

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Underground Speciality Machinery Tyres

For the underground mining sector, many types of machinery are used because of its special requirements. Some examples of these machines are a roof bolter, scoop, shuttle car, or drills like a top hammer drill, and much more. As the underground mining environments can be harsh, Magna Tyres developed special underground machine tyres with robust materials that can resist wear and tear over time.

Types of Special Underground Mining Machines

Underground mining machines are specifically designed to operate in the challenging conditions of underground mines, where limited space, ventilation and safety considerations play a crucial role. Here are some examples of the special machines in this industry and details about their tyres:

Top Hammer Drill: A top hammer drill is used for drilling holes in the rock for blasting purposes. It’s equipped with a pneumatic or hydraulic hammer that strikes the drill bit to break the rock. Our top hammer drill tyres are rugged and designed to withstand the rough terrain of the underground environment. We reinforced our tyres to prevent punctures and damage.
Roof Bolter: A roof bolter is used to install roof bolts in underground mines to support the roof and prevent collapses. Our roof bolter tyres are designed to provide stability and traction on uneven surfaces, allowing the machine to navigate through tunnels and position itself for proper bolting.
Scoop: Scoops, also known as load-haul-dump (LHD) loaders, are used to scoop up and transport materials within the mine, such as ore and waste. Our scoop tyres, or load-haul-dump tyres, are durable and have good grip for the machine to efficiently manoeuvre in tight spaces and carry heavy loads.
Shuttle Car: Shuttle cars are used to transport mined material from the continuous miner to the conveyor belt. These machines require tyres that can handle the load and provide sufficient traction to move smoothly on the mine floor.

Special Underground Machine Tyres

The tyres used on these special underground mining machines are designed with several important features. Our underground speciality machinery tyres are provided with durability, safety characteristics and the ability to carry heavy loads. For optimal safety, we made sure that our tyres are resistant to debris, rocks and other sharp objects.

Furthermore, our tyres offer exceptional traction. Traction is essential for the special underground machines to operate safely and efficiently in often slippery and uneven conditions. For our broad tyre range, we used various special rubber compounds during the manufacturing process. This ensures optimal performance in the unique conditions of underground mines. Contact us for more information or for the perfect tyre solution for your wishes.