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    Underground Loader Tyres

Underground Loader Tyres

One of the most critical features of underground loaders is their ability to operate in confined spaces of the mines. To perform in these spaces, Magna Tyres created underground loader tyres for optimal performance. During the designing and engineering process of this tyre range, we have included the heavy weights, driving distances and other requirements of this sector.

What is an Underground Loader?

Underground loaders, also known as underground wheel loaders, are used in underground mining operations for loading and transporting ore, rocks and other materials. These machines move the materials to the surface or to other processing areas within the mine. These machines are specially designed to operate in the challenging conditions of underground mines, where space is often limited, and the environment is hazardous.

The machines are designed to be compact and manoeuvrable, with articulated steering and four-wheel drive to provide maximum traction on uneven terrain. They also have a low profile to navigate through narrow tunnels and low ceilings. Some models even have interchangeable attachments, such as buckets, forks, or rock breakers, to make them more versatile.

Tyres for Underground Wheel Loaders

When matching the perfect tyre solution for your request, it is important to look at the specific operating conditions and requirements of your mine. If you take radial and bias tyres for example, we have several solutions for you:

Our radial solutions for underground wheel loader tyres provide fuel efficiency due to a low rolling resistance. They also feature improved traction with a large footprint. Among others, these radial tyres offer increased driving comfort plus shock and vibration absorption.

With our bias, or diagonal tyres for underground loaders you will experience optimal stability and support due to the stiffer and stronger sidewall. Our tyres also provide improved resistance to punctures and cuts and improved tyre life, in short: improved durability.

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