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    Underground Loader Tires

Underground Loader Tires

Magna Tyres has engineered underground loader tires to excel in the confined and challenging spaces of mines. These tires are designed to support heavy weights and cover driving distances, catering specifically to the mining sector’s needs.

What are Underground Loaders?

Underground loaders, also recognized as underground wheel loaders, are pivotal in underground mining

for hauling ore, rocks, and other materials. These versatile vehicles shuttle materials to the surface or within the mine to processing locations. Crafted for the harsh underground mining conditions, these loaders boast a compact build and agility, equipped with articulated steering and four-wheel drive for supreme traction across uneven ground. Their low profile allows for easy navigation through restricted tunnels and under low overheads, with some models featuring adaptable attachments for increased utility.

Choosing Tires for Underground Wheel Loaders

Selecting the ideal tire solution demands a thorough understanding of your mine’s specific operational conditions. Whether your preference leans towards radial or bias tires, Magna Tyres offers a range of solutions:

Our radial tires for underground wheel loaders enhance fuel efficiency through reduced rolling resistance and boost traction with a broader footprint, contributing to better driving comfort and effective shock and vibration dampening.

Our bias (diagonal) tires are known for their exceptional stability and support, attributed to a more rigid and durable sidewall. These tires also stand out for their resistance to punctures and cuts, significantly extending tire life and ensuring overall enhanced durability.

To discover the tire that perfectly aligns with your requirements, contact Magna Tyres for a tailored solution.