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    Mining & Earthmoving Tires

    Engineered for the toughest applications and working environments in this sector.

Tires for Mining & Earthmoving

In the demanding fields of mining and earthmoving, selecting the appropriate tires is crucial for optimal performance. Our selection of mining and earthmoving tires is meticulously engineered for the harshest conditions, including muddy, rocky, and sandy environments. Tailored for versatility across all site types and machinery within these sectors, our tires feature a superior rubber compound designed for outstanding durability and enhanced puncture resistance.

Machinery in this Sector

Our comprehensive tire range for mining and earthmoving includes options for both bias and radial constructions, catering to a wide range of applications. We carefully assess factors such as application, weight, and distance to determine the most suitable tire solution. Our tire offerings cover a broad spectrum of machinery, including:

Mining Tires

Designed to withstand the most rigorous conditions found in mining operations, our mining tires excel in environments filled with dust, debris, high temperatures, and sharp objects. For the diverse needs of mining activities, including surface mining, opencast mining, quarrying, and open-pit mining, we provide tailored solutions with our tires.

Earthmoving Tires

Our earthmover tires are constructed with precision to endure the challenges of mining and material transportation, including landslides, flooding, and extreme temperatures. Suitable for diverse terrains such as soft, muddy, and rocky grounds, these tires feature robust tread patterns for maximum resilience.

Choosing the right tires is a pivotal step in enhancing your operations in the mining and earthmoving industry. Magna Tyres stands as your premier partner, offering a world-class range of tires that ensure superior performance, longevity, and dependability. Our commitment to excellence, combined with top-tier customer support, positions us as your ally in boosting productivity, minimizing downtime, and achieving unparalleled success in the sector. Discover our tires and take your operations to the next level.