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    Rigid Dump Truck Tires

Rigid Dump Truck Tires

Handling extreme loads across long and rough terrains poses significant challenges for rigid dump trucks. Ensuring these vehicles are equipped with the right tires is crucial for achieving exceptional stability and traction. Magna Tyres has specifically designed rigid dump truck tires for optimal performance in all off-road situations.

Rigid Dump Trucks Explained

Rigid dump trucks (RDTs) are primarily utilized in mining and quarrying operations, as well as other environments requiring the transportation of heavy loads across distances. Suited for high mileage on more consistent terrain, RDTs are uniquely designed to transport substantial loads efficiently.

These trucks play a pivotal role in moving bulk materials and are designed to navigate through tough terrains while carrying large volumes. Different from articulated dump trucks, RDTs feature a fixed chassis that combines the cab and dump body, with steering achieved through a rack and pinion system, enabling synchronized movement of the truck’s chassis with its wheels.

Selecting RDT Tires

Magna Tyres offers a specialized selection of tires for rigid dump trucks, incorporating unique tread patterns that enhance stability and braking capabilities. Given the significant loads these trucks carry, our tires are engineered to ensure stability, superior traction, and effective braking on uneven surfaces. Our tires also feature a specific E4 tread pattern, crafted for exceptional traction and stability, even at higher speeds.

Contact us to discover the ideal tire solution for your rigid dump truck needs.