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  • Sizes:
  • Category:
    Mining & Earthmoving
  • Tire Type:
  • Machines:
  • Protection against cuts and damages
  • Reduced internal friction and uneven wear
  • Improved wear resistance and traction

Technical Data

  • Size 27.00R49
  • TRA Code E4
  • L/S Index 223B
  • Star Rating **
  • Rim 19.50/4.0
  • T.D. (32") 86


The Magna M-ROCK tire is designed with an optimized load performance and operator comfort. The deep non-directional E4 tread pattern of the tire provides excellent traction. Another advantage is the protection against cuts and damages.

The E4 tread pattern of the Magna M-ROCK tire improves the wear resistance and reduces internal friction and uneven wear. This tire also features a high-tech casing, resulting in reduced heat build-up inside.

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