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Magna TPMS

Welcome to Magna TPMS, your go-to source for Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems. At the core of our offerings is a commitment to providing unmatched insights and efficiency for your fleet operations, establishing a benchmark for accuracy, reliability, and continuous connectivity.

Magna TPMS is a sophisticated tool that gathers data on your equipment’s usage throughout its life. Essentially, it serves as a comprehensive platform for monitoring any vehicle in your fleet equipped with our system, delivering crucial information on not just the condition of a specific tire but also on the overall status of your vehicle or entire fleet.

Thanks to our cutting-edge rechargeable power source, Magna TPMS ensures around-the-clock monitoring, guaranteeing uninterrupted service even when the vehicle or machinery power is off. This dedication to non-stop connectivity differentiates us, offering real-time updates on your fleet’s tire performance and machinery health.

Beyond traditional monitoring systems, Magna TPMS acts as an extensive data collection platform, tracking usage across a machine’s lifecycle. This enables proactive tracking of individual tire statuses and valuable insights into your machinery or fleet’s overall condition.

Always Connected.

Strengthen your connection with Magna tires by integrating Magna TPMS into your fleet operations seamlessly. Our system offers instant monitoring of tire pressure and temperature, alerting you to both moderate and severe fluctuations. Stay informed about your fleet’s status 24/7, even when the vehicle is off. This system facilitates prompt action in the field by identifying potential issues early or tracking a specific vehicle’s location within the fleet.

Magna TPMS maintains constant connectivity through GPS and cellular networks, ensuring data integrity even when a vehicle temporarily loses satellite connection, such as during underground operations. The data is securely stored by the Gateway unit until the connection is reestablished.

Receive automatic updates and notifications on your mobile phone or smartwatch. With Magna TPMS, you’re always in the loop and in full control of your fleet, regardless of its size.

Benefits of

  • Extended Tyre Life

    Proper tire inflation ensures longer tire life. Simply put, maintaining the right pressure reduces wear, extending tire durability.

  • Improved Fuel Efficiency

    Correct tire pressure enables the tire to roll smoothly, minimizing friction. This efficiency means less effort from the vehicle to move, cutting down fuel usage.

  • Asset Management & Security

    Keep precise track of your vehicles’ locations in real-time during operation or receive alerts for theft, ensuring all vehicles equipped with Magna TPMS are constantly monitored. Accessibility is open to anyone with the app or web portal, anytime, anywhere—even if a vehicle is powered down.

  • Increased Safety

    Regular tire pressure monitoring empowers fleet managers to identify and address issues promptly, safeguarding operator safety and enabling preventative actions.

  • Reducing Downtime and Improved Efficiency

    TPMS keeps fleet managers in command, simplifying maintenance scheduling and readiness for unexpected downtime by early detection of issues, facilitating swift corrective actions.

  • Meeting Legal Requirements

    Stay ahead by identifying potential issues early on, and accurately track mileage and operating hours.

Always Easy to Install.

Our dedication to making things easy for our users shines through in the straightforward ‘plug & play’ setup of Magna TPMS. Its universal compatibility means it fits seamlessly with any brand or model of equipment, streamlining the installation process for all.

All it takes is connecting the Magna Gateway to a power source, setting up the antennas, and attaching the sensors to the tire valves. We’ve engineered Magna TPMS for hassle-free assembly, ensuring a swift setup process that can be carried out on-site, anywhere globally. With the system’s components, including the Magna Gateway, antennas, and valve-mounted sensors, you can get Magna TPMS operational in less than an hour for each piece of machinery, eliminating the need to take off tires. This adaptable installation technique makes Magna TPMS suitable for a broad range of equipment, from wheel loaders and rigid dump trucks to articulated dump trucks. We offer kits customized for the specific vehicles you operate and provide comprehensive support through every installation step.

Cost Effective.

Magna TPMS enables a more economical management of your fleet. Integrating Magna TPMS with your equipment provides critical insights for optimizing your operations. Access to real-time tire performance, accurate operating speeds, operational times, and overall equipment health helps you fine-tune every journey, maximizing efficiency around the clock.

Adjust as needed to mitigate risks and ensure the safety of your team. Magna TPMS equips you to oversee your fleet locally or remotely, offering management capabilities worldwide, regardless of fleet size or location. Operate your business at the touch of a button, staying informed and proactive. Magna TPMS grants you peace of mind, freeing you to concentrate on other priorities without fretting over daily logistics.

More than just a monitoring system, Magna TPMS enhances how you manage your resources. Utilizing the insights it provides allows for an impactful reduction in overall costs by optimizing the use of your assets, including workforce, machinery, tires, and fuel.

Ultimately, Magna TPMS is designed to simplify your operations, achieve cost savings, and promote a safer working environment.

Reach out to your sales rep today to explore how Magna TPMS can transform your business operations.

“Don’t just operate; operate with precision, operate with confidence, operate with Magna TPMS!”

Why Magna TPMS?

Magna TPMS stands out for its versatility and efficiency, designed from the start with installation, upkeep, usability, and reliability as our main priorities.

Installed in Less Than an Hour

Magna TPMS was crafted for simplicity and speed, ensuring that your vehicles can return to operation swiftly—installation takes under an hour. The significance of minimizing downtime, with the cost it entails, shaped our approach.

Universal Components for Universal Installation
At the heart of Magna TPMS is the Gateway, easily connected to power and the tire sensors, offering broad compatibility across vehicles. The sensors attach directly to the tire valve, simplifying access and eliminating the need to demount the tires for installation.

Removing the Valve Sensor for Inflating and Deflating? Of Course Not!
Our innovative T-Valve, included in the TPMS kit, divides the valve into two separate paths. This ingenious design means you can keep the TPMS sensor in place while inflating or deflating the tire, streamlining vehicle maintenance.

Always Connected, Even When Turned Off
The Magna Gateway features an integrated battery, ensuring the system remains active even when the vehicle’s ignition is off, charging while the vehicle runs. Whether you’re on your mobile device or computer, Magna TPMS keeps you informed and in charge around the clock. It’s capable of monitoring any vehicle equipped with the system, serving fleets of any size, from a single vehicle to thousands.

With Magna TPMS, you’re always connected and in command, leveraging a system that enhances your fleet’s efficiency and safety.

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