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    Magna TPMS

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How large does my fleet need to be for Magna TPMS to be Useful?
    Whether you run a fleet of 1,000 vehicles or just one, the insights you gather from using Magna TPMS is beneficial for anyone. As the scale of a fleet increases, the savings on operating costs can scale accordingly.
  2.  Is Magna TPMS suitable for any vehicle?
    Magna TPMS was originally designed with OTR and Port handling equipment in mind, but is certainly not limited to just these industries in mind. Please contact our team for an extensive list of compatible vehicle types.
  3. Can I install Magna TPMS myself?
    We recommend Magna TPMS to be installed by an auto-electrician, but you can do it yourself. As long as you have some basic knowledge of vehicle electronics, you can install the Magna TPMS kit yourself. All you need to do is follow the instructions in our Quick Guides and the Magna TPMS App.
  4. Does Magna TPMS show data in real-time?
    Yes! Magna TPMS data is live and registered in real-time, as long as there’s cellular or GPS coverage, you can view the data in real-time globally.
  5. How does Magna TPMS help me to reduce downtime?
    The data collected by Magna TPMS helps you to plan maintenance and prevents small issues form escalating, reducing the chance of unscheduled downtime. You can check tyre pressures on the go, so no need to park the vehicle for a routine check. Just check the Magna TPMS App on your phone!
  6. Can I reassign a Magna TPMS kit to another vehicle?
    Yes you can. the Magna TPMS kits come pre-programmed and tailored for a specific vehicle, but can be reprogrammed to another vehicle if necessary. You can read how to do it in our manual, or contact our support team for help.
  7. Why is Magna TPMS better than other fleet management solutions?
    There are too many reasons to list them all here, but the main reason is that Magna TPMS is compatible with ANY tyre, as long as it has a valve. It’s as simple as that. Unlike other systems that are tyre-bound, you can use the same Magna TPMS kit during the vehicles lifetime, no matter how many tyre changes and what tyre you use. Unlike the solutions from other brand, you can see Magna TPMS as an extension of the machine itself rather than a tyre component.
  8. How long can the Gateway operate on its internal battery?
    The Magna Gateway is powered by the machines power supply, so it does not operate on its internal battery. the internal battery is a backup for when the machine’s ignition is turned off. When the machine is shut down, the Gateway stays operative in a low energy mode where it stays connected on an interval basis.
  9. How does Magna TPMS operate underground or in desolate/remote places?
    Most remote places still have cellular signal. If there’s no connection, the Gateway stores its data and will update as soon as cellular connectivity is available. Operator feedback is always available via the In-Cab Receiver, regardless of satellite coverage.

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