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  • Sizes:
    27.00R49 33.00R51 37.00R57 40.00R57 46/90R57 50/80R57 59/80R63
  • Category:
    Mining & Earthmoving
  • Tire Type:
  • Machines:
  • Operates on wet ground and over physical obstacles
  • Good traction and very stable, even at high speeds
  • Cut- and tear resistant, with even tread wear

Technical Data

  • Size 27.00R49 33.00R51 37.00R57 40.00R57 46/90R57 50/80R57 59/80R63
  • TRA Code E4 E4 E4 E4 E4 E4 E4
  • L/S Index 223B 235B 246B 250B 252B 257B 268B
  • Star Rating ** ** ** ** ** ** **
  • Rim 19.50/4.0 24.00/5.0 27.00/6.0 29.00/6.0 29.00/6.0 34.00/5.0 44.00/5.0
  • T.D. (32") 104 120 125 125 124 120 111


The E4 pattern of our Magna MA04+ GIANT tire continues to operate on wet ground and over physical obstacles, while avoiding pattern rupture. In the severe conditions the tires need to operate in, they have to offer good stability and good traction, even at high speeds. Our tires are cut- and tear resistant, have low heat generation and reinforced shoulders for improved stability.

The aggressive, extra deep tread pattern of the Magna MA04+ GIANT offers long and even tread wear, a cooler running design and improved traction. This results in a long tread life. The high-tech, all steel radial construction provides reduced heat build-up inside the tire, optimized load performance and operator comfort.

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