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    Big Mining Operator Equipped With Various OTR Tyres

Magna MA04+ GIANT in Size 27.00R49 for Rigid Dump Trucks

For the rigid dump trucks in the gold mine fleet, our customer chose our Magna MA04+ GIANT tires. These tires are designed for rigid dump trucks operating in severe off-road conditions. They provide excellent resistance to damage due to improved shoulder and sidewall protection.

Magna M-TERRAIN in Size 29.5R25 for Articulated Dump Trucks

The Magna M-TERRAIN is designed for articulated dump trucks in challenging off-road conditions. The E4 non-directional tread provides excellent traction, which makes them perfect for the ADT’s of our customer.

Magna MA07 in Size 35/65R33 for Wheel Loaders

Since our Magna MA07 tires are designed for use on wheel loaders, these tires were chosen by our customer too. The aggressive L5 non-directional tread pattern of these tires provides superior traction.

Magna MA08 and Magna MA10 in Size 23.5R25 for Motor Graders

The fleet’s motor graders are equipped with two of our tire solutions. Our Magna MA10 tire is designed for extreme applications in surface mines and quarries. Optimal stability and operating comfort are enhanced by the wide footprint and center rib. The Magna MA08 is designed for use on wheel loaders and graders requiring maximum traction. The optimized square-shouldered design provides stability and protection from cuts.

Depending on the environment of the applications, these two tires were mounted on the motor graders.

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