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    Compact Wheel Loader Tires

Compact Wheel Loader Tires

Compact wheel loaders are crucial for traversing long distances on paved roads and navigating through tough, abrasive surfaces in industries like quarrying and mining, construction, and more. In construction settings, these loaders are tasked with relocating or removing soil, debris, logs, asphalt, and other materials to clear surfaces. Given the heavy lifting performed by these machines on job sites, ensuring the tires can support the load is essential. Opting for our tires, specifically designed for compact wheel loaders, helps in reducing operational costs.

What is a Compact Wheel Loader?

Compact wheel loaders, or compact loaders, offer the choice between skid steering and articulated steering. Originating from larger wheel loaders, compact wheel loaders shine in spaces that are too restrictive for their larger counterparts. They manage tasks that are beyond the capabilities of skid steer loaders yet don’t require the full size of traditional wheel loaders. These machines are slim, provide excellent off-road capability, maintain a compact size while delivering enhanced lifting capacity and reach, and are easily transportable. However, they must not be overloaded.

Varied Tire Sizes for Compact Wheel Loaders

Selecting the right tires for compact wheel loaders is critical, with costs quickly adding up due to wear from skidding. At Magna Tires, we produce a broad selection of compact wheel loader tires, available in various patterns and sizes, including unique sizes with an all cross-ply construction that boosts load performance and operator comfort.

Our tire sizes are compatible with well-known machinery brands. We’re here to assist in determining the right time for tire replacement, ensuring you receive the best cost efficiency per hour of use. Contact us for further details.