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    Compact Wheel Loader Tyres

Compact Wheel Loader Tyres

Mostly compact wheel loaders are used to travel over long distances on paved roads and hard and aggressive surfaces in industries such as quarry and mining, construction industry and many others. In construction applications compact loaders load or move aside dirt, debris, logs, asphalt and other materials to clean the surface. With these machines doing so much heavy lifting on your job site, it is important to make sure the tyres always hold up the load. When using our tyres, specially designed for compact wheel loaders, it keeps costs down.

What are Compact Wheel Loaders?

Compact wheel loaders, also known as compact loaders, can be equipped with on the one hand skid steering and on the other hand articulated steering. A compact wheel loader derives from wheel loaders, however compact wheel loaders can be used in difficult accessible spaces because of its small size. Compact wheel loaders safely and efficiently handle a variety of applications that skid steer loaders are too small for, but that full-size wheel loaders are too big for. These machines are narrow, offer very good off-road performance, maintain a small footprint while getting better lifting capacity and reach, and they are easy to transport. However they cannot be loaded too heavily.

Different Tyre Sizes for Compact Wheel Loaders

Tyres for compact wheel loaders must be selected properly, and the cost can become significant, especially with wear and tear from skidding. At Magna Tyres we develop and manufacture a wide range of different compact wheel loader tyres in different patterns and sizes. In our tyre range we included some special sizes, which consist of an all cross ply construction to improve load performance and operator comfort.

All our tyre sizes can be mounted on well-known brands. We are here to help you know when to replace your tyres and we always offer you the best cost price per hour. Contact us for more information.