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    Forklift Tyres

Forklift Tyres

In construction sites, warehouses, ports and terminals, forklifts need to load and unload or carry heavy materials over long distances. Therefore, the forklift tyres underneath need to be suitable for heavy loads and overheating. These tyres are a long-lasting guarantee of maximum performance and less downtime to the machine. Better lifetime and productivity gains come in all together with our forklift tyre range.

Where are Forklifts Used?

Forklifts are mainly used in construction sites, warehouses and recycling operations to load and unload trucks or carry building- and other materials over long distances, across rough terrains. However, forklifts are also used in terminal and port applications to transport bulky containers from the dockside to the ships. That is why forklifts, or forklift trucks, are named after their fork-like prongs that lift up the load. These machines, which themselves can weigh as much as 20 tons, can lift loads up to 5 metres high, on just one axle.

Tyre Types for Forklifts

Due to the fact that forklifts carry heavy loads over long distances, it is important that the tyres underneath the machines provide stability for the axles. The special compound of our tyres offer large carrying capacity underneath forklifts for high air-pressure shock loads. Besides, this compound ensures protection against overheating and the low rolling resistance of the forklift tyres saves fuel consumption.

Magna Tyres especially designed tyres for different forklift types. Our best technologies and innovations have merged in order to create a wide range of special tyres for forklifts. This tyre range can be suited under machines such as container forklifts, telescopic forklifts, industrial forklifts, rough terrain forklifts and many more. Our tyre range includes both radial- and solid forklift tyres, to meet all our customers’ needs. Find out your ideal tyre by contacting us.