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    Straddle Carrier Tyres

Straddle Carrier Tyres

When lifting heavy loads up to 25 metres high, straddle carriers might have a tough job. To ensure safety, it is important to mount the right tyres. Our straddle carrier tyres ensure superior traction, even in the most demanding applications.

How Do Straddle Carriers Work?

Straddle carriers are highly versatile machines that can be used for a wide variety of applications and terminal operating modes. They often operate at speeds up to 30 kph keeping heavy loads 25 metres above the ground. Straddle carriers pick up and carry containers to stack them up, up to 4 containers high. A major challenge with straddle carriers is that they can rock or sway when braking hard. This is because the ‘slip-stick’ effect causes the tyre to lose contact with the surface. This requires superior traction. As a result, uncontrolled movements from the vehicle are controlled.

The Advantage of a Straddle Carrier

The advantage of the straddle carrier is its ability to load and unload containers off the ground, without the assistance of cranes, forklifts or other port handling machines. The lifting apparatus under the carrier is operated by the driver without any outside assistance and without leaving the driver’s seat. Therefore it is important that the tyres underneath ensure maximum operating comfort.

Design of Straddle Carrier Tyres

Magna Tyres has developed straddle carrier tyres for port and terminal conditions. These tyres have a specific crown design and substantial sidewalls for superior traction. Besides, the all steel radial construction provides outstanding shock absorption. These tyres ensure the best performance. Contact us to find out more about our tyre solutions.