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    Underground Dump Truck Tyres

Underground Dump Truck Tyres

In underground mines, you can find underground dump trucks doing their job. These vehicles are essential in this environment for efficient and safe transport of materials and debris in the underground. Magna Tyres engineered underground dump truck tyres that withstand the harsh conditions the tyres need to perform in.

Where are These Machines Deployed?

Underground dump trucks are specialised vehicles used in underground mining operations. These machines are also known as underground mining trucks and they are used to transport materials and debris from the mining area to the surface or to other locations within the mine. These dump trucks are designed to operate in confined spaces and harsh conditions, and are typically smaller and more manoeuvrable than standard dump trucks.

Choosing Underground Mining Truck Tyres

Our underground mining truck tyres provide good traction on slippery surfaces, resist punctures and cuts from sharp objects, and have a long service life. They offer a high load capacity and are very durable. More tyre features can be found on the product pages. It is important to choose the right tyres to ensure the safety and productivity of the mining operation.

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