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    Backhoe Loader Tyres

Backhoe Loader Tyres

Tyres for backhoe loaders must be capable of handling the weight and stress of operating conditions. These machines are used for a variety of construction and excavation tasks. Due to these tasks, the backhoe loader tyres are typically large and durable, with a deep tread pattern that provides good traction on various surfaces. Our tyres are made for providing increased puncture resistance and load capacity.

What Are Backhoe Loaders?

Backhoe loaders are heavy equipment vehicles that have a tractor-like body with an adjustable shovel at the front and a digging arm at the back. A backhoe loader is a versatile piece of equipment that combines the functionality of a loader, a backhoe, and a tractor. Backhoe loaders are commonly used on construction sites, as well as in agricultural and civil engineering projects. They are capable of performing a wide range of tasks, including digging, trenching, grading, loading and backfilling. These machines are very efficient when it comes to excavation and earthmoving duties.

The size of the rear tyres is generally larger than the front tyres of backhoe loaders. This is because the rear tyres carry more of the machine’s weight and are responsible for providing the necessary traction for digging and lifting operations.

Choose the Right Backhoe Tyres

The tread designs of our backhoe loader tyres are optimised with self-cleaning mud breakers. With special compounds, our tyres offer a prolonged tyre life and excellent traction. They are also very stable and provided with great cut resistance. Our tyre range consists of both radial and bias tyres. Our radial backhoe loader tyres feature a steel belt construction and a deep tyre tread, which provides optimal performance and safety. Our bias tyres for backhoe loaders have a modified tread pattern and a strong nylon casing for good flotation in soft underfoot conditions.

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