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    Backhoe Loader Tires

Backhoe Loader Tires

Tires for backhoe loaders need to withstand the weight and stress typical of construction and excavation work. These versatile machines perform a multitude of tasks, necessitating tires that are both large and durable. Our tires feature a deep tread pattern for excellent traction on a variety of surfaces, alongside enhanced puncture resistance and load-bearing capacity.

What are Backhoe Loaders?

Backhoe loaders are multifunctional heavy machinery with a tractor base, equipped with a front-mounted shovel for loading and a rear-mounted backhoe for digging. Renowned for their versatility, backhoe loaders integrate the functions of loaders, backhoes, and tractors, making them a staple in construction, agriculture and civil engineering projects. Capable of executing diverse operations such as digging, trenching, grading, and backfilling, backhoe loaders excel in excavation and earthmoving tasks.

Typically, the rear tires of a backhoe loader are larger than the front tires to support more weight and provide essential traction for effective digging and lifting.

Selecting the Ideal Backhoe Tires

Our backhoe loader tires come with tread designs that include self-cleaning mechanisms to prevent mud buildup. Crafted with special compounds for extended tire life and exceptional traction, these tires also boast stability and significant cut resistance. Our selection encompasses both radial and bias tires, with radial options featuring steel belt construction and deep tread for superior performance and safety. The bias tires are designed with a unique tread pattern and sturdy nylon casing for effective performance in soft terrain.

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