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    Agricultural Trailer Tyres

Agricultural Trailer Tyres

Agricultural trailers encounter many different types of loads, weights, surfaces and weather conditions. Magna Tyres developed agricultural trailer tyres to be able to cope with the challenges of farming environments. These tyres are made with flotation properties, to minimise damage while operating on different types of soils.

What are Agricultural Trailers?

Agricultural trailers, also known as farm trailers, are specialised vehicles designed for various tasks within the agricultural industry. They are used to transport agricultural products, equipment, and materials around farms, fields, and rural areas. These trailers come in a variety of types and sizes to accommodate different agricultural needs.

You can attach multiple trailer types on agricultural equipment, such as tractors. Like trailers for trucks, there are flatbed trailers and tipper trailers for the agricultural sector as well. There are also additional trailer types. Grain trailers are designed to transport grain, crops, and other bulk materials. They often have high sides and a large capacity to handle bulk loads efficiently. Furthermore, there are trailers for harvesting, livestock, utility and much more.

Our Fitting Agricultural Trailer Tyres

For optimal performance, we designed our farm trailer tyres with self-cleaning properties, durability, and resistance to field hazards. These tyres also feature wide footprints for reduced soil compaction, which is important when you are working in fields with crops. Our tyres have much more features to perform at their best in the requirements of the agricultural sector.

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