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    Tipper Trailer Tyres

Tipper Trailer Tyres

Tyres for tipper trailers are important for ensuring the safety and efficiency of loading, transporting, and unloading bulk materials. Magna Tyres designed their tipper trailer tyres to be able to carry the varying loads and weights of the trailer. They are also provided with safety features and much more beneficial characteristics.

What is a Tipper Trailer?

Tipper trailers are designed for transporting and unloading bulk materials, such as sand, gravel, construction debris, agricultural products, and more. These trailers are equipped with a hydraulic or mechanical mechanism that allows them to tip or tilt, allowing the cargo to be easily emptied at the desired location. Tipper trailers, as well as tipper trucks, are commonly used in construction, agriculture, mining and waste management industries.

Tipper trailers come in various sizes and capacities to accommodate different types and volumes of bulk materials. This is also why they can be used for a wide range of applications. The tipping mechanism, the defining feature of the trailer, also has varieties for unloading the cargo. The mostly common locations for unloading of the trailers are at the end of the rear or at the side of the trailer.

Beneficial Properties of Our Tyres

During the engineering process of our tipper trailer tyres, we have included several key features for these trailers, such as load capacity, safety, durability, stability and traction. As these trailers regularly travel on various surfaces, like rough terrains and construction sites for example, we provided our tyres with optimal traction and stability properties.

Furthermore, our tyres are durable and able to withstand the abrasion and impacts tipper trailers might encounter. We also provided our tyres with reinforced sidewalls and puncture-resistant features to prevent damages during operations.

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