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    Tipper Truck Tyres

Tipper Truck Tyres

Tipper trucks are perfect for (un)loading bulk materials and transporting the cargo from one location to another. Magna Tyres developed tipper truck tyres to be able to carry heavy loads. Out tyres are stable on the road and also when the tipping mechanism is operating.

What are Tipper Trucks?

Tipper trucks are used for (un)loading and transporting large quantities of materials. The defining feature of these trucks is their hydraulic or mechanical tipping mechanism, which allows the truck bed to be raised for efficient unloading. This mechanism allows the front of the truck bed to be raised, allowing the cargo to slide or be dumped out of the bed. The mechanism can also be located elsewhere, to lift the bed to the side for example.

Many tipper trucks have advanced stabilisation features. Proper weight distribution and design of the truck are crucial to maintain stability while unloading. These trucks have additional safety measures, such as locking mechanisms to secure the bed and preventing accidents. As mentioned in the tipper trailer page, tipper trucks are commonly used in construction, agriculture, mining and waste management industries.

Tyre Features

Tipper trucks operate with heavy loads. These heavy loads need to be transported to another place and also from the bed to another destination off the bed. This is why we featured our tipper truck tyres with high stability, durability, safety and traction. These features apply to all kinds of surfaces and weather conditions. We made sure these tyres would bear the M+S (mud and snow) symbol.

Furthermore, our tyres are provided with resistance to punctures, abrasion and impacts. Are you in need of tyres for your tipper truck(s)? Make sure to contact us to find your perfect tyre solution.