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    Agricultural Trailer Tires

Agricultural Trailer Tires

Agricultural trailers face a diverse array of loads, weights, terrains, and weather conditions. Magna Tyres has engineered agricultural trailer tires capable of meeting the demanding conditions of the farming environment. These tires are designed with flotation properties to minimize impact on various soil types during operation.

What are Agricultural Trailers?

Known also as farm trailers, these specialized vehicles serve multiple roles within the agricultural sector. They’re pivotal in hauling farm produce, equipment, and materials across farms, fields, and rural landscapes. Available in several types and sizes, they’re tailored to fulfill a range of agricultural requirements.

Agricultural trailers can be hitched to farm machinery, like tractors, similar to how trailers connect to trucks. This includes flatbed trailers and tipper trailers designed for agricultural use, among others. Grain trailers, for instance, are built for transporting grain, crops, and bulk materials, featuring high sides and ample capacity for efficient bulk transportation. Additionally, trailers are available for specific purposes such as harvesting, livestock, utility tasks, and more.

Optimized Agricultural Trailer Tires

Our agricultural trailer tires are crafted for peak performance, incorporating self-cleaning features, durability, and resistance against common field hazards. They also boast wide footprints to lessen soil compaction, crucial for operations in crop-laden fields. Beyond these, our tires include numerous other characteristics tailored to excel under agricultural demands.

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