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    Flatbed Trailer Tires

Flatbed Trailer Tires

Flatbed trailers are versatile vehicles capable of hauling a diverse array of goods, from construction materials and heavy machinery to vehicles, lumber, and steel. The tires under these trailers are critical for the safe transport of such varied cargo, which is why Magna Tires has crafted a specialized line of flatbed trailer tires.

What is a Flatbed Trailer?

Flatbed trailers feature an open, flat platform without sides or a roof, making them ideal for carrying large and oversized items that wouldn’t fit in enclosed trailers. Their design offers flexibility and ease of loading and unloading, which is why they’re favored across construction, manufacturing, agriculture and transportation.

To ensure cargo security, flatbed trailers are equipped with tie-down points to keep loads in place during transit. A flatbed trailer’s payload capacity is influenced by its dimensions, build, and axle configuration, with some designed for heavy-duty haulage and others for lighter loads.

Features of These Tires

Our flatbed trailer tires are engineered to bear the weight of various cargoes. These tires boast a high payload capacity and superior handling for drivers. They’re designed for excellent traction, extended mileage, and long tire life.

Additionally, our tires are built for durability, resistance to damage, and performance under different weather conditions. These features combine to guarantee a safe transport experience. Contact us to discover the ideal tire solution for your flatbed trailer needs.