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    Flatbed Trailer Tyres

Flatbed Trailer Tyres

Flatbed trailers can transport a wide range of cargo, including construction materials, machinery, vehicles, lumber, steel, and more. With the variety of cargo this trailer can carry, the tyres underneath play a crucial role in ensuring safe transportation of cargo. That is why Magna Tyres developed flatbed trailer tyres.

What are Flatbed Trailers?

Flatbed trailers are open trailers with a flat platform and no sides or roof. They are commonly used to transport a wide variety of cargo, including large and bulky items that may not fit within the confines of enclosed trailers. Flatbed trailers offer versatility and easy loading and unloading, making them popular in industries such as construction, manufacturing, agriculture and transportation.

For the safe transportation of the cargo, flatbed trailers have tie-down points to secure the cargo and prevent it from shifting during transportation. The payload capacity of a flatbed trailer depends on factors like its size, construction and axle configuration. Some flatbed trailers are built to carry heavy loads, while others are designed for lighter cargo.

Tyre Features

Our flatbed trailer tyres are able to support the weight of the various types of cargo these trailers carry. We provided these tyres with a high payload capacity and high controllability for the driver. Our tyres provide optimal traction with excellent mileage and a long tyre life.

Furthermore, we designed our tyres to be durable, damage resistant and able to perform in various weather conditions. All these tyre features ensure a safe journey. Contact us to find your safe tyre solution for flatbed trailers.