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    Terminal Trailer Tyres

Terminal Trailer Tyres

Terminal trailers play an important role in the port and terminal sector by providing a reliable and efficient way to transport heavy equipment or machinery. Magna Tyres engineered a range of terminal trailer tyres for multiple applications.

What is a Terminal Trailer?

A terminal trailer is used for machines in the terminal sector. These trailers can contain various features and accessories to ensure safe and efficient transport. The most common feature of a terminal trailer is a flatbed, which is designed to transport heavy equipment and machinery around a terminal or port. This trailer provides a stable and secure surface for the load it needs to transport.

Another frequently used terminal trailer type is the skeletal trailer. This trailer, also known as a chassis trailer, has an open framework chassis for supporting container transportation. There are many other trailer types for different purposes. What they all have in common is that they are used in ports and terminals to transport cargo and containers, among others.

Choose the Right Tyres

When choosing terminal trailer tyres, you need to make sure what loads you will be transporting. We offer multiple tyre solutions, depending on the load and other accessories for transporting that the terminal trailer may need. We designed these tyres to be safe, reliable, stable, durable and to offer reduced downtime for the machines. Furthermore, they are highly resistant to damages and punctures.

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