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    Grader Tyres

Grader Tyres

Graders often operate on extreme rocky surfaces, which means the tyres underneath must be able to cope with sharp and damaging surfaces. Magna Tyres especially developed grader tyres with a special tread compound for wear- and cut-resistance. Graders operate in extreme and rocky conditions, due to the position of their blade. The position does make sure that the tyres of the motor grader, that drive on the unpaved path, are less likely to be damaged.

What do Graders do?

Graders, also known as motor grader or road graders, are described as heavy-duty machines with a long blade which is often used in construction and mining sites for creating smooth and flat surfaces. They use a long bladed attachment to flatten surfaces, grade land, scarify layers and compact roads to an easy gradient and give a finer finishing to the groundwork. Often graders are used for earthmoving applications to dig soil or to spread materials.

Tyres with a Special Tread Compound

We developed grader tyres which are ideally suited to perform on a wide variety of surfaces. These surfaces can be tough, therefore our road grader tyres are developed with a thick under-tread for improved puncture resistance. In addition, the special tread compound used for this tyre range is wear and cut-resistant to increase the productivity and operating costs. The tread pattern of our tyres are optimised with self-cleaning mud breakers. Our tyres are developed for operating in surface mines, quarries and underground mining, as well as for graders operating in construction applications.

We made sure that our tyres feature a superior lateral adhesion, even on the most difficult soils. The sidewall designs are also improved in order to offer maximum protection against any potential damage or abrasion over time. With Magna Tyres, enhanced reinforcements and protection are guaranteed. Would you like to know more? Contact us for more information.