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  • Sizes:
    17.5R25 26.5R25 29.5R25
  • Category:
    Mining & Earthmoving
  • Tyre Type:
  • Machines:
  • Robust, reliable and ideally balanced
  • Reinforced crown and sidewall prevents damage
  • Engineered with additional puncture resistance

Technical Data

  • Size 17.5R25 26.5R25 29.5R25
  • TRA Code L5 L5 L5
  • L/S Index 182A2 209A2 216A2
  • Star Rating ** ** **
  • Rim 14.00/1.5 22.00/3.0 25.00/3.5
  • T.D. (mm) 65 91 100


The Magna MA05 is a L5 tyre for extremely harsh operating conditions. You can use this tyre in surface mines, quarries, scrap yards and underground mine transport. Where other tyres are not up to the task, the Magna MA05 offers exceptional robustness and reliability, with an ideal balance of adhesion and traction.

The crown and sidewall of the L5 rock tread are reinforced to prevent damage and to extend tyre life in severe operating conditions. The Magna MA05 achieves additional puncture resistance and reduced heat build-up by means of the specially engineered casing with multiple steel belts. It also provides optimised load performance and operator comfort.

Make sure to check with your sales manager which tyre sizes are available for your region.

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