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    Magna MA05 Tyres Running in Open Pit Dolomite Mine

Magna MA05 L5 Tyres Running in Open Pit Dolomite Mine in Poland

This open pit, dolomite mine, localised in Southern Poland has been successfully using our 26.5R25 Magna MA08 L5 tyres for the last four years. The tyres are running on a Liebherr 576 and a Hyundai HL 770 machine. The first set of our tyres are still in motion, after 11.000 hours with around 15% of the original tread depth left. Our customer decided to purchase another set of our tyres, this time Magna MA05 tyres.

Magna MA08

The Magna MA08 tyre pattern is designed for use on wheel loaders, dozers and graders requiring maximum traction. The optimised square-shouldered design provides stability and protection from cuts. The aggressive, open tread pattern provides extra traction and stable ground contact.

Magna MA05

The Magna MA05 tyres are designed for extreme loader applications in surface mines, quarries, scrap yards and underground mines. The crown and sidewall are reinforced to prevent damage and extend tyre life in severe operating conditions. Operator comfort and machine maintenance are enhanced by not having to resort to the use of solid or foam filled tyres.

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