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    Telescopic Handler Tyres

Telescopic Handler Tyres

Telescopic handlers are multi-purpose machines that carry heavy loads from one place to another. These machines have several capabilities, which puts a lot of pressure on the tyres. Our telescopic handler tyres are specially designed for use in ports for pick and stack applications.

Where are Telescopic Handlers Used?

Telescopic handlers, also known as telehandlers in short, are capable of moving on the roughest terrain. Therefore these machines are suitable for rough areas such as construction applications, but are also used for ports and terminals. Compared to forklifts, telehandlers have the ability to reach higher and further, up to 20 metres in length.

Telehandlers can reach places other lifting equipment cannot, because these machines are equipped with a telescopic boom, designed to lift and move heavy loads. The main advantage of a telehandler is that it is multifunctional. You can easily turn it into a lift truck, tractor, earthmoving machine or crane. In addition, telehandlers can be used on any terrain, because all types of tyres can be mounted underneath. Because of all these capabilities, it is important to mount the right tyres.

Match Your Telehandler Tyres

Carrying heavy loads from one place to another is the main purpose of these machines. That is the reason why telehandler tyres need to ensure remarkable stability and outstanding driver performance. Magna Tyres developed a tyre range to meet these requirements. Our tyres are the perfect fit for heavy loads, because of the sturdy carcass structure design. We developed telehandler tyres for solid, construction and port & terminal purposes.

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