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    Reach Stacker Tyres

Reach Stacker Tyres

In industrial applications, reach stackers are the perfect fit for speedy stacking over short distances. To ensure perfect stability and safety, the right tyres need to be suited. Magna Tyres especially developed reach stacker tyres for the most demanding applications.

Where Can You Find Reach Stackers?

Reach stackers can be used in several applications. Mostly they are used in port & terminal or industrial applications. Scrap yards, glass works and dumping sites are some examples of industrial projects. A reach stacker is one such vehicle for handling containers, semi-trailers and loose goods.

Reach stackers, also known as container stackers, transport containers from one place to another. They can transport containers over short distances very quickly. Due to the fact that reach stackers often drive at high speeds with extreme load, reach stackers can be very unstable. For this reason, reach stacker tyres need to provide excellent stability for precision and increased driver comfort.

Tyres with a Special Compound

For handling containers with extreme weights, Magna Tyres offers reach stacker tyres with a special compound for port handling applications. These tyres have large tread and shoulder blocks, which ensure a high load capacity and a stable load platform. The special compound of our tyres avoid heat build-up inside for an extended tyre life. In addition, the high nylon carcass produces powerful load capability.

Due to the fact that reach stackers frequently operate in rough surfaces, we also offer extremely robust solid tyres in various sizes. These tyres are perfect for the toughest use on reach stacker vehicles with a risk of impact and damage. In addition, the unique rubber compound performs stability for high-load circumstances and therefore these solid tyres for reach stackers are the ideal replacement for pneumatic tyres.

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