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    Wheel Loader Tyres

Wheel Loader Tyres

Wheel loaders can be used to complete tasks in any kind of industry that deals with heavy loads. These machines carry sand, dirt and other materials over sometimes rough paths on high-speeds. Therefore, wheel loader tyres must be cut-resistant and reduce heat build-up inside.

What do Wheel Loaders do?

Wheel loaders, also called wheeled loaders or front end loaders, are powerful heavy equipment machines. They can be found on most construction sites, surface mines, quarries and underground mine transport. Waste handling, slag handling and rock handling are some of the many applications these machines operate in. Wheel loaders lift and carry heavyweight blocks on wet, steep or rocky ground. They help you achieve superior results according to the unique demands you work with.

Wheel loaders do not dig like a backhoe loader, but operate only with the single attachment at the front of the machine. The front-mounted bucket is designed to scoop, hold and transport materials such as sand, dirt and other materials. For this reason, wheel loaders may drive on rough surfaces. It is therefore important that the wheel loader tyres underneath are designed with longevity in mind to reduce heat build-up inside. Longevity is important because wheel loaders drive many kilometres, sometimes on high-speeds.

There are also compact wheel loaders, which are popular for landscaping projects and for moving several material types.

Design of Wheel Loader Tyres

Our wheel loader tyres, or front end loader tyres, are designed for equipment operating in highly abrasive material environments where maximum protection from penetration and cuts is needed, for example in difficult mining conditions. The most common wheel loader tyre sizes are designed with a self-cleaning tread design to deliver a smooth ride and superior traction on all types of terrain.

We also included several solid tyres for wheel loaders that need to perform at high speeds. These tyres offer optimal grip and traction on both smooth as rough surfaces. The cut resistant tread compound ensures that the tyre has a long lifecycle. In addition, the tread design is optimised with self-cleaning mud breakers, for driving on sandy or muddy surfaces.

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