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    Scraper Tyres

Scraper Tyres

Scrapers are the ideal machine for earthmoving uses and construction environments. These machines scrape, move and remove materials from the ground surface in the most demanding applications. The rough surfaces bring many risks, so the tyres must meet all safety requirements. Magna Tyres developed scraper tyres that meet all the requirements.

What are Scrapers?

The scraper is a large piece of equipment, which is used in mining and earthmoving applications. Like the name already mentions, this machine scrapes layers of earth by dropping a horizontal blade from their trailer. In this way, they are used to move or remove dirt, gravel or other material from the ground surface. Scrapers cannot be used to transport materials over long distances because of the heating of the tyres. Scrapers operate under heavy loads and at speeds as high as 50 kilometres per hour on smooth surfaces. Many scraper tyres are unable to cope with the resulting heat.

The Optimal Tyres

Magna Tyres’ scraper tyres are specially designed with new improved technology to reduce heat build-up inside the tyre. In addition, scrapers often work on rocky terrains which causes excessive wear. Therefore, our tyres feature a self-cleaning and sturdy deep tread pattern which ensures protection against cutting and makes it a long-lasting tyre.

All our radial tyres for scrapers have a special design and reinforced sidewalls to offer excellent protection against cutting. Besides, the thick undertread delivers a smooth ride and excellent traction on all types of terrain. Scraper tyres for construction environments have a radial construction or a cross ply construction. Both constructions provide excellent comfort and stability in the most demanding operations. In addition, these tyres offer great cut- and puncture-resistance which is necessary in the rough surfaces scrapers operate in.

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