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    Scraper Tires

Scraper Tires

Scrapers are essential for earthmoving and construction projects, adept at scraping, relocating, and clearing materials from the ground in challenging conditions. Given the demanding nature of these terrains, it’s crucial that their tires meet stringent safety standards. Magna Tyres has crafted scraper tires that fulfill these critical requirements.

Understanding Scrapers

Scrapers are significant pieces of machinery utilized in mining and earthmoving projects. Their primary function involves scraping earth layers using a horizontal blade attached to their trailer, efficiently moving or clearing soil, gravel, or other materials from the ground. However, scrapers are not designed for long-distance material transport due to potential tire overheating. Operating under heavy loads and capable of reaching speeds up to 50 kilometers per hour on smooth terrains, scraper tires must withstand considerable heat.

Optimized Tires for Scrapers

Magna Tyres’ scraper tires incorporate advanced technology to minimize heat accumulation within the tire. Given the frequent operation on rocky terrains, leading to rapid wear, our tires are equipped with a self-cleaning, robust deep tread pattern for enhanced protection against cuts, ensuring longevity.

Our radial scraper tires feature a unique design with reinforced sidewalls for superior cut protection. The thick undertread ensures a smooth ride and exceptional traction across various landscapes. Whether for construction purposes with radial or cross ply construction, our tires provide outstanding comfort and stability under the most strenuous conditions, along with significant cut and puncture resistance necessary for the rough terrains encountered by scrapers.

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