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    Boat Lift Tires

Boat Lift Tires

Boat lifts, essential for transporting and maintaining vessels, require robust support to manage heavy weights. The tires under these devices play a critical role, bearing the load of both the lift and the boat. Magna Tires has engineered boat lift tires designed for carrying significant weights, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

What are Boat Lifts?

Boat lifts, also known as boat hoists, travel lifts, marine travel lifts, or travelifts, are devices engineered to hoist boats in and out of the water. These versatile machines are pivotal in marinas, boatyards, and shipyards for lifting larger vessels for repairs, maintenance, storage, or other needs. Equipped with mobile wheels, these machines can conveniently move to where boats require lifting.

Boat Hoist Tire Features

Our boat lift tires are not just about load-bearing capacity; they’re built for durability and resistance to harsh conditions like corrosion, saltwater, and abrasion. Stability and superior traction are also key features, ensuring smooth operation across various terrains. Additionally, our tires are designed for cut and wear resistance, enhancing their lifespan. Available in a range of sizes, our tires can be matched to your boat hoist’s specific requirements.

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