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    Empty Container Handler Tires

Empty Container Handler Tires

Empty and loaded container handlers are specialized heavy machinery used across ports, terminals, and other shipping and logistics hubs for managing shipping containers. At Magna Tires, we’ve developed tires for empty container handlers that ensure superior stability, durability, and performance.

Purpose of These Handlers?

Empty container handlers are specifically designed for managing empty shipping containers, which are significantly lighter than their loaded counterparts. They come equipped with special attachments for securely gripping, moving, and loading or unloading these containers. Typically, these machines are utilized within container yards for rearranging empty containers or loading them onto trucks or ships for further transport.

Capable of lifting up to 10 tons, empty container handlers are adept at transporting steel shipping containers. They feature a broad mast design, enabling them to stack containers up to 5 to 8 units high.

Selecting Suitable Tires

Our tires for empty container handlers are crafted using a wear-resistant compound to prevent tread cracks, ensuring outstanding performance and minimal heat production. Thanks to our advanced casing and tread technology, our tires boast a prolonged lifecycle. Additionally, they deliver reliable traction on a variety of surfaces, from asphalt and concrete to gravel.

We work closely with you to identify the optimal tire solution for your empty container handlers, considering essential factors like stability, maneuverability, load support, enhanced cut resistance, and improved driving comfort.

Contact us to discover the ideal tire match tailored to your needs.