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    Empty Container Handler Tyres

Empty Container Handler Tyres

Empty container handlers, and also loaded container handlers, are types of specialised heavy equipment used in ports and terminals, and other shipping and logistics operations for handling shipping containers. We engineered our empty container handler tyres to provide optimal stability, durability and efficient performance.

What are These Handlers Used For?

Empty container handlers are designed to handle empty shipping containers, which are lighter than fully loaded containers. They are typically equipped with specialised attachments for gripping, transporting and (un)loading the empty containers. These handlers are often used to reposition empty containers within container yards or to load empty containers onto trucks or ships for transport.

With lift capacities up to 10 tons, these machines are designed to transport unloaded steel shipping containers. Empty container handlers feature a wide mast, allowing them to create stacks ranging from 5 to 8 containers high.

Choosing the Right Tyres

All our empty container handler tyres are built with a wear resistant compound, which avoids tread cracks. Our tyres offer excellent performance and low heat generation. Due to our casing and tread technologies, we made sure our tyres offer an extended lifecycle. Furthermore, our tyres provide traction on various surfaces, including pavement, concrete and gravel.

Together, we translate your wishes to the best tyre solution for your empty container handlers. We look at factors such as high stability levels, turning support, stress support, extra cut resistance and smoothening of the driving comfort.

Contact us to find the perfect fit for your wishes.