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    Articulated Dump Truck Tyres

Articulated Dump Truck Tyres

For articulated dump trucks (ADT’s), also known as rock trucks, we developed a tyre range specifically designed for the harsh conditions the machines need to endure. These machines are designed to carry heavy loads on rough terrains, such as rocky and muddy surfaces. The articulated dump truck tyres, or rock truck tyres, underneath must meet the highest level of performance, safety and durability for every application. These tyres require traction, flotation, protection and heavy carry weight, but also speed, fuel performance and operator comfort.

What are Articulated Dump Trucks?

An ADT has a body that is divided into two sections; a tractor component that contains the cab and a trailer component that contains the dump body. When they need to turn, the cab of the truck turns first, sometimes at a 90-degree angle, while the back section remains in position. ADT’s mostly operate in conditions such as construction sites, underground mining, surface mining and quarries. These machines are created to haul, move, transport and dump rocks, soil, materials and debris over rough terrain.

Match Your ADT Tyres

All our radial articulated dump truck tyres feature a self-cleaning and sturdy deep tread, which extends longevity and prevents dirt from sticking between the tread due to the multiple turns this machine can endure. For optimal rider comfort, we developed our ADT tyres with a unique tread compound to provide a smooth ride and superior traction on all types of terrain.

For ADT’s, we offer E3 to E4 tyre tread depth and designs in various sizes.

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