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  • Sizes:
    21.00-25 29.5-25
  • Category:
    Mining & Earthmoving
  • Tyre Type:
  • Machines:
  • Maximum flotation and minimum ground disturbance
  • Excellent side directional stability and traction
  • Protection against tears, wear and cuts

Technical Data

  • Size 21.00-25 29.5-25
  • TRA Code E7 E7
  • L/S Index 186A2 188B
  • Ply Rating 28 28
  • Rim 25.00/3.0 25.00/3.5
  • T.D. (mm) 15 22


The Magna M-DESERT is an all cross ply constructed tyre specially engineered for trucks operating in sandy terrain applications, such as desert trucks. With a high-tech casing, this tyre is provided with optimised load performance, operator comfort and reduced heat build-up.

The special shallow rib design of the Magna M-DESERT provides maximum flotation, excellent side directional stability and minimum ground disturbance. The E7 tread pattern protects against tears, wear and cuts while providing stability, comfort and traction.

Make sure to check with your sales manager which tyre sizes are available for your region.

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